The Denver Novelty Company is an intermagical creative entity rooted both in the past and the future. DNC was formed in the early 1970's to sell kitsch novelty items to kids while simultaneously not existing at all.  DNC currently creates immersive and intermagical works intended to provoke feelings for a moment.

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My Grandfather closed the Denver Novelty Company in the early 80's . He continued to live on the property in a trailer for a few years before moving to San Francisco. During that time he  received a hodgepodge of unsolicited items in the mail. Everyday items like a cassette tape, a worn paperback or an old toy. Whatever it was he began to discover these things contained deeper messages. Maybe it was an underlined sentence in a book or a song on a tape, he could sense something mysterious  in each item. They were memories, untold stories, ghosts if you will embedded in each item. An individual timestamp pertaining to the holder. The items became an obsession. Categorizing each piece he attempted to dig deeper and deeper trying to uncover that person's "ghost". Unfortunately he became sick and moved to San Francisco,  leaving the items behind.

That was until I discovered them a few years ago. What started out as simple curiosity soon became an obsession. That is why I must sell the items... I must separate myself from them. Please if you are interested in purchasing one click on the image above.

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