I created 146 as a remembrance to a kind of experience I believe we all have throughout our lives. My specific experience was exploring the open lots and valleys around my neighborhood as a kid. The thrill of discovery as I meander through a gully. The joy of finding small nooks and crevices that you snugly fit yourself into as you imagine a secret place that's only for you. The idea and delightful anticipation of possibly finding  a hidden or buried mystery on the journey. Always hoping this might be the clue that unlocks some secret, grand adventure.

146 is also an exploration of faith, specifically Christian faith. Religious beliefs are typically met with  defensiveness, uncertainty and awkwardness. Mostly from personal experience (bad) that makes us tentative.  One personal experience happened when I was a teenager. I went to a haunted house. It had scenes of an abortion, drug overdose, drunken car crash and others. Then at the end our group was herded into a room where people preached at us about God. All I remember is being furious because I was tricked  by the underhanded way they presented the Christian message. I mention this particular episode because I DO NOT want to duplicate that same response to someone who may play my game and feel like they were duped. Christianity is particularly difficult because it is the major belief system in America. I know for myself I saw Christianity as a kind of supernatural club used by the powers that be to keep "the people" in check. However that is not who Christ is so I wanted to create an experience that explores a person's journey to faith. 

I also wanted to explore the journey through the context of World War 2. I served four and a half years in the Army Infantry and by the grace of God I didn't see combat but I had friends who did. Some who were killed in combat, some who later took their life because of what they experienced in combat.  My desire was to examine that trauma and how ones faith interacts with it. Hopefully This gives a little more depth of my intentions in creating this game and if you have any other questions you can contact me at


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