I always had an idea in my head, but lacked the tools to bring it to life.

Until I created The Denver Novelty Company.  As a kid I loved comic books and Animation. During High school I wanted to be an Animator. This was the early 90's before computers could really help animators. I tried a few cartoons but found the repetitive grind of drawing hundreds of frames disheartening. Over the years I really couldn't find an artistic discipline that "drew" me in. I joined the Army. Worked security after getting out. Did illustration for several years, got married, had kids. Lost my illustration job during the 2008 recession. For 2 years couldn't find any job (even Wal-Mart). Finally got a job as a Mailman and am still doing that, yet I still wanted to create. So over the last ten years I've been experimenting and working on multimedia and immersive works. Things that don't fall into one category . Hopefully I'm able to connect to a handful of people and make some special pieces.

Thank you

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