tells the story of an estranged Grandfather connecting with his Grandson Steven almost 40 years after his death. 146 explores John's mind and his recollections of war and faith. It further details John's personal responsibility during wartime and his grappling with the consequences of his actions. 146 delves into John's struggle with God and consequently his Christian faith during his experience inside a concentration camp. Fourteen6 ponders the question of good and evil through letters, videos, audio recordings and video games detailing John's own doubts, struggles and PTSD from his time in the war.

Fourteen6 is an immersive, interactive narrative game. 146 is similar to an escape room but uniquely different. Rather than simply trying to solve puzzles to unlock a door, 146 immerses you in a dramatic narrative around a Grandfather's gift to his Grandson. It is the story of John Harrison and his journey centered around World War 2 and the grappling of his Christian faith. 

146 drops the player in the role of assistant to Steven. The player helps Steven solve puzzles, play games and crack codes to unlock John's hidden secret. Through physical objects, video games and interactive media the story of John Harrison unfolds over approximately 1 hour. 

***Fourteen6 contains written and recorded graphic depictions of war and may not be suitable for persons under the age of 13.*'*

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